Home cinema

All Sounddeco products are designed so that each device individually represents a complete unit. They can work independently or work together to create a fully-fledged, high-quality home cinema set. Multichannel systems can be implemented in many different configurations depending on the size of the room and the amount of available free space.

For rooms with the largest sizes, we offer multichannel system based on the top of the floor standing loudspeakers, Alpha F3, supported by center speaker Alpha C, active subwoofer Alpha SUB and Alpha SR surround speakers.

Medium size rooms can be implemented with a system consisting of Alpha F2/C/SR/SUB or Alpha F1/C/SR/SUB speakers.

Smaller spaces can be equipped with sets consisting of Alpha M2 or M1 speakers supported by Alpha C/SR/SUB. You can also employ four surround Alpha SR speakers supported by center speaker Alpha C and active subwoofer Alpha SUB.

There are lots of possibilities and the final configuration of the multi-channel Sounddeco system depends only on its future user's wish.


While configuring your newly acquired Sounddeco multi-channel speaker system, it's worth using tools for automatic calibration of loudspeaker systems with a measuring microphone (if supported by your AV receiver model). These tools set i.a. the individual volume levels of every channel as well as the time delays associated with different distance of speakers regarding the listening position.

Tools for automatic calibration of the loudspeaker systems often also allow timbre correction of the sound of individual channels (EQ). Note, however, that excessive correction may impair the final result, so do not be worried about making manual adjustments to the system configured as multichannel. Sometimes the best solution appears to be turning off the automatic sound correction (Auto EQ) and introducing your own timbre settings (e.g. in the area of high and low frequencies). Another option is completely disabling sound correction (direct mode).

Please note that the final sound perception depends largely on the acoustics of the room and the individual preferences of each user. A lot also depends on the quality of the played material as well as on sound engineers who recorded the audio material. Often high-class audio equipment turns out to be merciless for lower-quality recordings, thereby exposing all the imperfections of the audio material presented to the speakers.

The configuration of systems based on Alpha speakers including an Alpha subwoofer, their adjustments and location in the room can be briefly summarized with the following examples.

Home cinema Alpha 5.1

Home cinema Alpha 6.1 or 7.1 or 7.2

Home cinema Alpha 5.1 or 6.1 or 7.1 or 7.2 or others with identical loudspeaker sets

Home cinema Omega 5.1 ... 7.2

Stereo 2.1