Grzegorz Matusiak


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A graduate from Wroclaw University of Technology. Since 2001 PhD in Acoustics at the Institute of Telecommunication, Teleinformatics and Acoustics, Faculty of Electronics.

Publications at the conferences of the journal of Audio Engineering Society as well as European Acoustics Association

1. Application of the Reactance Transformation Method for the Design of Loudspeaker Band-Pass Systems, Dobrucki, A., Matusiak, G., 106th Convention of Audio Engineering Society, Munich, Germany, 1999 May 8-11, preprint 4866 (A-6).

2. Symmetrical Loudspeaker Band-Pass Systems of Eight Order with Active Filter, Dobrucki, A., Matusiak, G., 107th Convention of Audio Engineering Society, New York, USA, 1999 September 24-27, preprint 5012 (F-2).

3. Symmetrical Loudspeaker Band-Pass Systems of Eight Order with Passive Filter, Matusiak, G., Dobrucki, A., 108th Convention of Audio Engineering Society, Paris, France, 2000 February 19-22, preprint 5107 (G-2).

4. Design Principles for Symmetrical Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems of Six and Eight Order, Matusiak, G., Dobrucki, A., 110th Convention of Audio Engineering Society, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2001 May 12-15, Convention Paper 5325.

5. Fourth-Order Symmetrical Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems, Matusiak, G., Dobrucki, A., Journal of Audio Engineering Society, Vol. 50, No. 1/2, 2002 January/February, pp. 4-18. After three decades of being looked for, the theory of the latest group of loudspeaker systems was completed, the so-called band-pass systems. This theory facilitates the design including the so-called subwoofers.

6. The Fundamentals of Loudspeaker Radiation and Acoustic Quality, Matusiak, G., 128th Convention of Audio Engineering Society, London, UK, 2010 May 22-25, Convention Paper 8010. Simple but exact models of sound radiation and air load for the loudspeaker diaphragms of various shapes and sizes were created. As a result, the designing process of loudspeakers was improved. Moreover, the "acoustic quality", i.e. Q-factor (in addition to electrical and mechanical Q-factors) was introduced to Thiele-Small parameters which are the quantities of the theory of loudspeaker systems.

7. The Fundamentals of Loudspeaker Efficiency, Matusiak, G., Forum Acusticum 2011, European Acoustics Association, Aalborg, Denmark, 2011 June 26 - July 1, ID 273. Frequency responses of the loudspeakers true efficiency of any size and shape of the diaphragm were defined. Mathematical equations used to optimize the design of the loudspeaker were derived.


1. Band-Pass Loudspeaker System, Dobrucki A.B., Matusiak G.; Rights: Wroclaw University of Technology. Protected by patent number: 188215. Polish Republic Patent Office, BUP 14-02-2000, no. 04/2000.

2. Dome speaker, Matusiak G. et all; Rights: Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres, Tonsil S.A. WrzeĊ›nia. Protected by patent number: 204309. Polish Republic Patent Office, BUP 08-04-2002, no. 08/2002. The shell vibration and sound radiation were studied. Diaphragm speaker of bacterial cellulose the so-called bio-cellulose, as well as a complete speaker composed of the membranes were designed and patented.


1. Silver Medal at the 49th World Exhibition on Inventions, Research and New Technologies in Brussels EUREKA for developing membranes with modified bacterial cellulose for electroacoustic transducers. Brussels, EUREKA 2000, 20.11.2000.

2. Foundation for the Support and Development of Radiocommunications and Multimedia Technologies: honorable mention in the competition for the best doctoral paper in the field of radiocommunications and multimedia technologies for the thesis: Symmetrical Band-Pass Loudspeaker Systems, Warsaw, March 2003.

Research and professional experience

1. Wroclaw University of Technology the Institute of Telecommunication, Teleinformatics and Acoustics, Faculty of Electronics - PhD student.

2. Tonsil, Assistant Director of R&D - Construction Engineer.

3. APS Audio Pro Solution - Construction Engineer.

4. Loudspeaker Project R&D - Owner.

Selected projects and research work

1.Research projects in Loudspeaker Project R & D, EU Program - Innovative Economy, Detectors and Sensors for Measuring Factors hazardous to environment - Modeling and Monitoring of Threats, titled: Design and Manufacture of Loudspeakers with Electromagnets. These speakers are used in the device called "SODAR". Theories for the design of band-pass loudspeakers with radiation were developed; horn compression drivers, as well as electromagnetic circuits. Based on these theories, optimal designs were drawn up, technical documentation was made, appropriate loudspeaker systems measured and made, which confirmed the correctness of the formulated theories.

2. Research and Projects for Tonsil. Works on the design of electrical passive analog filters as well as drivers and loudspeaker systems design - units for the domestic market.

3. Projects for Audio Pro Solutions (APS), e.g. AEON Active Studio Monitor. This time the works in the design of electrical active filters, drivers and loudspeaker systems which were built for the recording studio, radio and television market.

4. Other research. Research in the field of electromagnetism, the effect of which is to be a new generation of speakers. Work on the design of electrical analog active filters and loudspeaker systems, the result of which are speaker devices for the professional market, as well as recording studios. Designing high-efficiency tweeters. Work on the analysis of signals in the LabVIEW System Design software.