• Specifications
  • Power Handling RMS / Music
    50W / 100W
  • Nominal Impedance   6 Ohm
  • Efficiency   85.5dB @ 1W @ 1m
  • Frequency Range
    78Hz - 28kHz @ -6dB
  • Frequency Range
    82Hz - 26kHz @ +/-2.5dB
  • Crossover Slope
    6, 12dB/Oct.
  • Equalised
    Amplitude, Phase
  • Crossover Frequency   1.8kHz
  • Pair Matching better than
    +/-0.3 dB (L-R)
  • Sealed Enclosure Tuning   114Hz
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    260 x 140 x 105mm
  • Weight / Piece 3kg

Alpha SR means surround and is the latest product of Alpha line. It was created for those who look for speakers with a small cabinet depth, ideal for hanging on the wall. As a cinema effect loudspeaker the Alpha SR replaces the Alpha S loudspeaker which has been redesigned to become the monitor called Alpha M1.

Designing the structure of Alpha SR surround, we had all the relevant features of cinema effect speakers that distinguish them from other speakers in mind. The main goal was to minimize the cabinet depth, in order to increase the ease of placing the speaker in areas with limited space. Thanks to its construction the design could get an ultra-compact size. Alpha SR uses a sealed box structure so that the speaker can operate closely to the wall. In this model, there is a different kind of dome tweeter used than in other Alpha models to match the desired sound parameters. This tweeter is perfectly suited to the work of a home cinema effect speaker. As in the case of other Alpha line products, all electronics were made with attention to every detail and consist exclusively of high quality linear elements.

Alpha SR surround - quality and minimalism got a united form.