The Alpha series loudspeakers are our response to music lovers who look for speakers with very high sound quality at a reasonable price. We believe that the Alpha series will satisfy a wide range of enthusiasts who appreciate genuine sound as well as a unique design.

The entire series was built exclusively on the basis of drive units developed by a Danish team of engineers from Danesian Audio. A thoughtful cabinet construction, professional electroacoustic design and very high manufacturing quality of all parts are the first of the two pillars of our vision. The shape of the models and their visual character are concepts by designers with many successful projects to their names whom we invited to cooperate with us. Thanks to a fully integrated manufacturing process based on both machine shop production and manual finishing, we take care of each and every detail. It is the commitment to high production quality and interesting form factors which makes for the second pillar of our vision. Colour, an integral part of the project, is of primary importance to us too. All Alpha speakers are available in a wide range of finishes.

We hope that the combination of sound and design will spark your interest. We invite you to test our Alpha series models at the best audio stores.

Colour samples