• Specifications
  • Power Handling RMS / Music
    200W / 400W
  • Nominal Impedance   4 Ohm
  • Efficiency   92dB @ 1W @ 1m
  • Frequency Range
    33Hz - 30kHz @ -6dB
  • Frequency Range
    40Hz - 28kHz @ +/-2.5dB
  • Crossover Slope
    12, 12, 18dB/Oct.
  • Equalised
    Amplitude, Phase, Impedance
  • Crossover Frequencies   450Hz / 3.4kHz
  • Pair Matching better than
    +/-0.25dB (L-R)
  • Bass Reflex Tuning   29.4Hz
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    1100 x 250 x 488mm
    with plinth / base plate (H x W x D)
    1160 x 250 x 500mm
  • Weight / Piece 43 kg
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The F3 is the top model of the Alpha series. The selection of drivers, the shape and size of the enclosures and the careful alignment of the whole has the Alpha F3 reproduce all musical genres to perfection whilst creating an amazing soundstage. But our uncompromising approach embraces the best technology for the entire Alpha line and all its models.

The top end of the audible spectrum is the domain of the tweeter. We use a driver with a fabric diaphragm of a special design with a very powerful magnetic system. The vocal band is the key to good sound and handled here by an extremely fast midrange transducer with potent motor structure. This driver features a second compensator magnet and a unique diaphragm made from natural fibers. The diaphragm is as flat as possible to create a time-accurate sound. It is worth experiencing the sound quality by sitting in front of this speaker. Two brawny yet agile woofers provide powerful, deep, detailed and snappy bass. Deep bass is the foundation of music and here possible due to the cooperation of the woofers with the enclosure. The bass reflex port fires down into the plinth which doubles as an acoustic element. The enclosure is internally reinforced with ribs whilst the front panel includes a few inches of additional high-mass material.

The four drivers operate as a full three-way system whose time coherence prevents micro blurs. Parts inside the Alpha F3 are designed adequately to not impede the treble and use only linear components to minimize distortion to a high degree. Moreover, Alpha F3 presents a constant load to the power amplifier from low and midrange frequencies to the highest notes. The advantage of this will be appreciated by owners of transistor amplifiers whilst vacuum tube enthusiasts won’t need to worry about losing the characteristic sound. They will also appreciate the high efficiency of Alpha F3. All this comes in a nice, solid and noble design to offer the opportunity to listen to great music with its full range of emotions intact.

It is no wonder many listeners place the Alpha F3 at a much higher price point.